When engaged in research for the book Blazing Splendor, I journeyed to the homeland of my teacher, Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche. Impressed by the amazing practitioners tucked away there, I returned three years later with medical help and financial assistance for these hidden yogis and yoginis. From September 8th to 24th, 2006 our dedicated, diverse group of 14 volunteers traveled 5000 kilometers in these remote and spectacularly beautiful areas of Qinghai Province, fondly known as Nangchen. In the Footsteps of Blazing Splendor is that story.

Subsequently, Yangdzom Healing Hands, was able to fund, for three years, not only medicines for several Monasteries and Nunneries but a three month Western Medicine training in Jyekundo, China for 30 Tibetan trained medical practitioners and a water system for Dechen Ling Nunnery, see photos. We hope to restart this project soon.

Additionally, Lotus Treasure will endeavor to raise awareness about human trafficking and aid victims of this inhumanity. 

And, finally, on another note, we will try to support Western translators and practitioners. 

With joy and love,

Marcia Schmidt

Director of Lotus Treasure