Our Vision

Lotus Treasure is a non-profit that offers video, audio, photos, commentaries, and original Tibetan texts as supports for practice and sponsorship for translators and serious practitioners. Rangjung Yeshe Publications and translations is a source of a treasure trove of materials, which has been shared with serious practitioners all over the world. The long-term aim is to help students now, and to preserve the legacy of the Hearing Lineage tradition and its great masters, some of who are part of the last generation to come to spiritual maturity in old Tibet. The means to do this is through advanced eBook technology, apps, video, and audio files, and Internet programs.

In the past, meditators would study liturgical texts and their associated commentaries that explained how to properly practice them. In addition, disciples would listen to teachings given by the great meditation adepts, who had mastered the practice and were able to hand down the instructions of their teachers as well has their own understanding and insight.

In modern times, students often live far away from accomplished masters, and do not understand much, if any, Tibetan. Rangjung Yeshe Publications and Translations, has been making traditional texts available to practitioners around the world. But there are many aspects of study and practice that traditional media do not adequately address and Lotus Treasure is a way to change that.

Our new series that will include all of the three roots, offers teachings associated with lama, yidam, and dakini, sadhanas, replete with extensive and varied commentaries on all aspects of Vajrayana practice. They are source books that will be the forerunner for an innovative approach to study and application of the path. In these books, the reader will be given access to audio files, videos, thongka iconography, as well as additional liturgy texts and commentaries. Eventually, as the eBook and app format extends their scope, there will be more guided meditations and study workbooks that can be linked to an interactive website where students can ask questions and deepen their studies. The plan is to this material translated into foreign languages as well, beginning with Mandarin and Spanish.

Connected with Lotus Treasure are humanitarian projects such as Yangzom Healing Hands, support for agencies that raise awareness about human trafficking and aid victims of this inhumanity. And we are endeavoring to support Western translators and practitioners and archiving work.

The vision is vast and the aspiration is all encompassing, may it be auspicious and successful!

If you would like support our activities donations can be made directly through pay pal via the donation button or if you would like a tax exemption, please make checks made out to Lotus Treasure and mail to:

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